PageViews SEO

What is SEO? It is Search Engine Optimization. Or, in other words, it is how your customers are going to find you online. If you do not have a Search Engine Optimization plan or your website has not been optimized for search, you are NEVER going to be found by your customers online, period!

So, what makes PageViews Search Engine Optimization so special? We have been doing SEO for 15 years, we are pretty darn awesome at it. We make sure that our customers are found by their customers online – it’s really that simple. What goes into a Search Engine Optimization project? A lot!

  • 1. Keyword Research – if your not being found for the right keywords, your customers won’t find you. Or, they may find you for keywords that make you zero $$$.
  • 2. Copy – what does your website say about you? When your customers find your site are they seeing what they want or need to see? Are the search engines seeing copy that makes sense for your business? We ensure that your copy is exactly as it needs to be for visitors to turn into customers.
  • 3. Is your website popular – we make sure that the search engines see your site as being both popular and authoritative. We do this by building external Links that point back to your website. These Links are from:
    a. Websites, blog sites, media circles, social media, videos, press releases
  • 4. Press Releases – we want your brand and your keywords being talked about and found in various forms. We write, optimize and distribute press releases about your brand and keywords.
  • 5. Videos – who reads anymore? No one! Your customers love video and want more of it. We take your videos and optimize them so that your customers are finding you for videos.